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Tailored hand made Cargo Bicycles for riding your loving loads
Sustainability, born in Donostia - San Sebastian Basque country coast city as a lifeboat or cycle logistic for urban sustainability transport.
Awake and aware of the immense value of our earth, oceans as well as for people who loves riding in urban areas and don’t see inconvenient on carrying their loads by bike.
Behind Is a one man workshop, a brand made for those who consider they are set apart from others and are thirsty of style.
Spreading knowhow, sharing my knowledge about how to build a bicycle and considering our frame building roots as a knowhow to be shared.

main page_gifMaitasunez eraikitako zama eramateko bizikletak. Bizikleta proiektu bakoitzean iraunkorra izango den bizikleta bat sortzeko behar den denbora eta esfortzua eskaintzen dut, XVI. mendeko Euskal bale NAÖ-en modu berean. Euskal eta Vikingar bi kulturen batura, teknologikoki oso garatuak ziren zama eramateko itsasontziak garatu zituen bizikleta honen modura, “Itsasoari begiratzen dion bizikleta”

Hand made Cargo bikes with love. For every frame I wish to build, I spend the time and effort to deliver a unique and long lasting frame, as in the XVIth century the High quality Basque nao-ships were built. The mixing of Viking and Basque culture built up technological hight quality naos as this bike“The Bike that looks at the sea”

I run a small framebuilding workshop located in San Sebastian the Basque country .

I build every bike one at a time and with great care and precision. My bikes don’t have model names or product codes so your bicycle is your bicycle. Every bike that leaves the shop starts it’s life with a phone call or an email about what you are looking for in a hand built bicycle.